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Can we bring in a large group?

Of course, no appointments are necessary. U-Dig staff is on site during regular business hours.

Please ask about our special rates for large and educational groups. Large groups qualify for a 10% to 20% percent discount from the regular (non-tour) rates, depending on group size.

What does U-DIG provide?

Unlimited trilobites! U-DIG Fossils provides you with forty acres of the best trilobite collecting in the world. We expose fresh rock with an excavator on a regular basis. We can also provide hammers to split the shale, buckets to hold your collection and to carry your fossils to your vehicle in the parking area, digging instructions, assistance in finding and identifying fossils. We have a fossil indentification reference sheet. We also provide clean toilet facilities.

Best of all, we always provide experienced, friendly staff. Gene Boardman or Bevan Hardy will assist you at the quarry.

What do I need to bring?

It is adviseable to bring a pair of gloves (garden gloves are sufficient), safety glasses and a light jacket in the event there is a change of weather. Remember to bring plenty of food and water. Please bring a container to transport your fossils home. It is always good to bring a spare tire as well.

What is the weather like?

The U-DIG Quarry is located in the House Range of the high Utah desert. More specifically, it is in the foothills south of Swazey Peak near Antelope springs. The air is dry, meaning low humidity. The elevation is about 6,550 feet. By comparison, the average elevation in Salt Lake City is 4,300 feet. High temperatures in April are typically 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit, May 70-80, June 85-95, July 90-100, Aug. 90-100, Sep. 85-95, and Oct. 75-85. These are just average temperatures. The weather can change quickly during anytime of the year. We suggest having a jacket just in case. Mornings are always 10-20 degrees cooler. All temperatures are given in Fahrenheit, not Celcius.

Can we bring our pets?

Dogs are allowed at the quarry if they are on a leash. Be sure to bring extra water.

Can we drive an RV to the quarry?

Yes, you can! When you arrive at the quarry, smaller RVs can turn into the Quarry and park in a small parking area to the left, before the "Open" sign. You will then need to walk about 300 yards over to the office for assistance. Larger RVs will need to pull over to the side of he main road just below the "Welcome to U-DIG" sign. Do not pull into the Quarry. Leave your RV there and walk to the Quarry office, about 500 yards. When you are ready to leave, you can continue up the main gravel road, about 1/8 mile, to another connecting road. You can turn around at this location. Examine the Google Maps Satellite view for an overview.

Can we camp?

There are no organized camping areas by the U-DIG Quarry. Much of the land around the U-DIG Quarry is BLM or public land. You can camp anywhere you want on BLM land. However, the camping is primitive camping only. If you want to camp in the area, just pick a spot below or above the U-DIG Quarry.

What services are available at the quarry?

No other services are available at the Quarry. Delta has the nearest food and gas. The city of Delta is 52 miles away.

What if I have more questions?

U-DIG Fossils is a family-run business. We're anxious for you to have a unique and rewarding experience in our quarry. Please call or e-mail if you have any questions. We'd be glad to help. Here's our office address. (Please note, this is not the location of the Quarry. See above for directions to the Quarry.)

U-DIG Fossils
P.O. Box 1113, 350 East 300 South, Delta, Utah 84624
B Phone (435) 864-3638 Fax (435) 864-4294
E-mail: E-mail Shayne

Books, News Papers, and Other Websites:

A book called "The Traveler's Guide to Rocks and Fossils In and Around Millard County" is available for $2 from the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 866, 76 North 200 West, Delta, UT 84624. E-mail dacc@millardcounty.com .

There was a story in the May 26, 1998 Salt Lake Tribune about U-DIG. It was once online, but now it's gone pay-per-view on their archive site, and I can no longer link to it.

Warfield Fossil Quarries lets you dig for your own fossil fish in Wyoming.

U-DIG is featured on Atlas Obscura, a collection of the world's most interesting places



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