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Experience the thrill of finding your own fossil Trilobites. Every customer gets a High End Dig at U-Dig Fossils. At U-DIG, we want you to have a unique and rewarding experience in our quarry. We operate a private quarry located one hour west of Delta, Utah, that contains one of the world's richest deposits of trilobites. Come experience the thrill of finding your own fossil trilobites! No trilobite quarry can match the quality of U-DIG Fossils' trilobite layers! The best part is that you get to keep what you find! If you want to buy some fossils or geodes online, check out the The Bug House.

See our calendar above for our open times. "2019" Open dates March 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29, 30 and then open April - October. Sorry we are closed on 4th of July 2019.

Starting April - October we are open Monday - Saturday "6 days a week" and closed on Sunday, hours of operation 9 AM - 6 PM. Customers can drive directly to the quarry during our regular business hours.  Customers do not need to stop at our office in Delta. Please feel free to call to confirm what days we are open, and check the calendar link above for open times. If you get there early, just wait for us at the gate and we will be there promptly.

fossil Shale for sale, All year long!!!!

"If you cannot make it to the U-Dig quarry soon and would like the experience of collecting your own Trilobite fossils, we can help! We ship all year long!!

We can ship high quality trilobite shale directly to you. Shale is a great present for family and friends. You can purchase 40lb of Trilobite Shale for $69.99 plus $20.00 shipping and handling that you can break open yourself at home. To make orders click on the "Buy Now below" Pay Pay link or you can email Shayne with your shipping address, your contact phone number, and the best time to call. We can then contact you to get your credit card information for payment when we are ready to ship your order. You can call Shayne at 435-864-7218 for information, to make orders, or for bulk shipment info. Orders and payments can also be sent to U-Dig Fossils 665 E. Bristlecone ln Delta, UT 84624. Included with the shale are instructions for splitting the shale and for cleaning the Trilobites. We will also send you a fossil identification key. Every shipment has at least one visible trilobite on the rock and we do our best to provide you with good quality shale so you have the best chance possible to find a prehistoric treasure.

American Purchases "Price includes shipping and handling"


New! Topaz mountain adventure!!

Topaz Mountain Adventures.  U-Dig Fossils is now offering a new collecting experience.  You can now experience the thrill of collecting your own Topaz Crystals.

NEW! Topaz Mountain Adventure!!! Topaz Mountain Adventures. U-Dig Fossils is now offering a new collecting experience. You can now experience the thrill of collecting your own Topaz Crystals. Close to the U-Dig quarry so you can do both in the same day!


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