U-Dig Fossils

The Best Fossil Collecting Quarry in the World

U-Dig Fossils

The Best Fossil Collecting Quarry in the World

U-Dig Fossils

The Best Fossil Collecting Quarry in the World

U-Dig Fossils

The Best Fossil Collecting Quarry in the World

Collect Your Own Trilobite Fossils!

Come visit us during our open times and we will provide you with tools, personal instruction and access to freshly excavated shale from 40 acres of the best trilobite shale in the world.  

U-Dig Fossils

Experience the thrill of finding your own fossil trilobites. Every customer gets a high-end dig at U-Dig Fossils. At U-Dig, we want you to have a unique and rewarding experience in our quarry. We operate a private quarry located one hour west of Delta, Utah, that contains one of the world’s richest deposits of trilobites.

No trilobite quarry can match the quality of U-Dig Fossils’ trilobite layers! The best part is that you get to keep what you find!

No reservation required. Book online or pay at U-Dig Fossils quarry when you arrive.

Direction and Location

The U-DIG Fossils Quarry is located approximately 52 miles west of Delta, Utah, near Antelope Springs. It is approximately 142 miles from Provo, Utah to the quarry. It is approximately 182 miles from Salt Lake City to the quarry.

Dig Into These 5-Star Reviews!

tripadvisor logo So much fun!

"Fossil hunting is never a story of guaranteed success, but with the expert advice of the U-Dig crew, everyone is sure to find a 'bug' or two. I wish I knew about this place sooner, because I will definitely be back. "

– Pumaone S. | TripAdvisor
google logo Highly recommend

"I highly recommend this quarry if you are into trilobites. My wife and I took a four-hour dig, and we found 57 perfect large trilobites and several mortality plates. That is not including the trilobites we broke trying to lighten our shale load(around another 50.) This was a great day, and we would love to do it again."

– Joshua B. | Google Reviews
tripadvisor logo Great experience!

"We only spent two hours digging but found lots of great finds! Jared was super knowledgeable and helpful and helped clean up some of the finds to make them look amazing! Highly recommend them!"

– Couryney G. | TripAdvisor
google logo This place is great!

"They taught us how to split the shale, how to identify the trilobites and how to tell if a chunk of rock might have some fossils in it! They then cut them for us on a stone saw and taught is how to polish them! Super awesome service and very friendly! Definitely suggest this to anyone who loves fossils"

– J Shaffer | Google Reviews
tripadvisor logo Absolutely AMAZING

"This place was so neat! We took our child who is in a wheelchair and just carried him down to the dig. He was easily able to navigate and enjoy the full experience of the quarry. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful."

– Cheslsey D. | TripAdvisor
google logo Had a blast here

"Was going to spend a couple hours then stayed almost all day - So cool to dig your own Trilobyte fossils. Fun drive from Delta, well-maintained dirt/gravel road. Friendly staff"

– Chris T. | Google Reviews

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