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Buy Shale

We can ship an adventure to you.

If you cannot make it to the U-Dig quarry soon and would like the experience of collecting your own Trilobite fossils we can help!

We can ship high-quality trilobite shale directly to you. Shale is a great present for family and friends. You can purchase 40lb of Trilobite Shale for $79.99 plus $25.00 shipping and handling that you can break open yourself at home. To make orders click on the “Buy Now” button.


Shale is a great present for family and friends

Included with the shale are instructions for splitting the shale and for cleaning the Trilobites. We will also send you a fossil identification key.

Every shipment has at least one visible trilobite on the rock and we do our best to provide you with good quality shale so you have the best chance possible to find a prehistoric treasure.

Once you purchase your shale, you can expect it to be delivered to you within 7 – 10 days.

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Bulk shale purchases

We ship bulk fossil shale all over the world.  Customers use the shale for resale, pay to find their own fossil experiences, parties, educational purposes, events, family gatherings and one of a kind experiences.


This premium fossil Trilobite limestone shale has a large amount of fossils in it.  Not every piece of shale will have a trilobite fossil but most pieces of shale will have more than one trilobite inside of it.  The shale is sedimentary rock and will easily split in layers with the use of a masonry hammer or with any hammer and a chisel.  The shale is fairly soft and needs to be covered from the sun and kept cool.  When the shale is left out in the sun and elements, it will start to fall apart.  If the shale is left outside and it falls apart, this does help you find more fossils but if you are wanting to provide chunks for people to split, the chunks will turn into small pieces over time if not stored properly.