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U-Dig Fossils Direction

U-DIG Fossils Quarry

The U-DIG Fossils Quarry is located approximately 52 miles west of Delta, Utah, near Antelope Springs. It is approximately 142 miles from Provo, Utah to the quarry. It is approximately 182 miles from Salt Lake City to the quarry.

Once in Delta, you will travel 32 miles west of Delta on highway 6/50. At the U-Dig Fossil Sign, between mile markers 56-57, turn north. Then travel 20 miles down a well maintained, gravel road to reach the U-Dig trilobite quarry. There are U-Dig signs posted along the 20 miles of gravel road to keep you on the correct route. Any type of vehicle can travel this gravel road.

The quarry is at:

N 39 21 17.4 W 113 16 43.4.

In UTM, it is at 12S 0303661 4358630.

In decimal, 39.35483333,-113.2787222.

map to the Trilobite Quarry

This map is not the correct route. Google maps does not provide the correct route to the U-Dig quarry.  Please follow the written directions. 

What's the road like from Delta to the quarry?

The last twenty miles to the U-DIG Quarry is a gravel road that is maintained with graders by the county. Most of the time, the road is in excellent condition.

At times, between gradings, the road will develop some washboard-type bumps in a few locations. The road is well-graveled. Even with extensive amounts of rain, the road will not get muddy.

Having a good spare tire, jack, and lug wrench is always a good idea when traveling on a gravel road.